Best Places to Buy a House in San Diego

We always want the best for ourselves and our families, from our cars, our children’s schools, our jobs, and that goes double for where we live. As a result, buying a new house may often become a frustrating process, where we live for a good chunk of our lives is very-very important to our security, sanity, and overall well-being. Looking for and finding the perfect house in the perfect place to settle down can be challenging, especially in today’s social climate. So, just to make things a little easier for all the would-be house buyers out there looking for a place in the San Diego area, below in no specific order are the best places to buy a house in San Diego in 2020.  

white and black North Park signage

1. North Park 

One of the most culturally diverse areas in San Diego, North Park has been named in Forbes as one of the best hipster neighborhoods in the whole country. For the young professional looking to buy their first house in a more diverse, less stuffy environment, North Park fits the bill quite nicely.  

 It has a plethora of cafes, diners, coffee shops, even microbreweries for the most hipster of the hipsters out there. If you are into the arts and trends this place will be heaven for you and yours, with all the art galleries, bars, and boutiques it has. And It even has a farmer’s market. 

It is also a very pedestrian and cycling-friendly area. Houses can be found on the average of $675,000 for people who are looking to buy.  

2. Chula Vista 

If you want somewhere booming and an urban-suburban mix in feel, then Chula Vista is the place to be. It is the 2nd largest city in San Diego, as such it has everything, every family member could want. It has a fabulous kid’s sports program, a huge assortment of parks, trails, and open spaces. It is also famous for the yearly concert series “Music in the park”. 

For would-be parents, there are two school districts that have a total of 75 campuses to choose from. The quality of the schools is also something to admire, with more than half being part of the California Business for education excellence Honor roll.  

For a place so metropolitan, it is surprising to know that Chula Vista is one of the more affordable places to live in San Diego. A median home value of around $543,000, is one of the lowest we’ve seen even compared to places offering fewer amenities, making it one of the best places to buy a house in San Diego.  

With a population of 266,468, it isn’t too crowded and isn’t too sparse either, it’s just right for people and families looking for less of the hustle and bustle but don’t want to feel isolated. The community is also very diverse, getting an “A” for diversity on  

Residents also often praise the dining establishments in the area. 


3. Carlsbad 

If you want a family-friendly place to buy a house in San Diego then look no further than Carlsbad. How family-friendly is it? Well, if you’ve got kids, the simple answer is, LEGOLAND! One of the most popular tourist spots in the world is in the Carlsbad area.  

It is one of the most consistently rated best cities to live in the whole of California.  

It also has a dynamic community of around 113,000 people, a majority of which own their houses. It’s also been rated as one of the top 10 cities with the best public school in the country and is also in the top 20 healthiest places to live in America. The City of Carlsbad also has a sizable 55 - 65+ community, along with its high ratings for health and wellness, newly upgraded bike paths, and being a very pedestrian-friendly area, it is one of the best places to retire in San Diego.  

white and brown wooden house under blue sky during daytime 

4. Del Mar  

A homey, outdoorsy, yet very urban feeling area in San Diego, Del Mar Mesa boasts of 900 acres of preserved wildlife space, and for the more fitness-focused residents, over 10 miles of walkways, hiking trails and bikeways. If you’re looking for somewhere to be more active, or really want to transition to a car-less way of life, this might be the place for you.  

After reading that intro, you might think that Del Mar Mesa is more of a countryside-ish, rural type of community, well you are mistaken, Del Mar is still as modern as you need it to be. Though previously a farming community up until the 1980s, most of the area that can be seen today was built in the early 2000s. Today it is still developing at a relatively quick pace, with large homes, a resort hotel, and golf courses.  

There are also top-notch schools catering to the area, like San Dieguito High Academy, and Canyon Crest academy.  

If you really want to put down roots and get to know your neighbors really well, Del Mar Mesa might be right up your alley, with around 64-65% of residents owning their homes.   

The Median Home Value in Del Mar Mesa is around $974,544 to $1,048,220, so, you can be sure that the homes on offer are quality.  

Forget about Del Mar Mesa being one of the best places to live in San Diego, it’s one of the best places to buy a house in the whole of California.