Meet Your Local Real Estate Specialist
Alexandra Crawford

A little bit about me and why I love real estate. I’ve dedicated my career and livelihood as a full-time Realtor® to making the process of buying and selling homes and land as seamless and enjoyable as possible! I will be your tireless advocate, ensuring you get the best deal, whether you’re new or experienced in the process.

My specialties include working with Active-Duty service members, Veterans and their families; I understand the unique housing needs, and help individuals and families create “exit plans” when it comes time to relocate. As a Certified Probate Specialist, I understand the complications and process necessary to navigate transactions to completion and help the estate achieve a win-win situation. My expertise in the sale of land, whether it’s farmland, ranch land, land for residential development, or recreational land allows me to seamlessly guide clients through the acquisition process. My team of Lender partners are well versed in incentives and benefits available for buyers to finance their house and land purchases.

Beyond this, my strengths lie in anything related to real estate strategy, pricing, negotiation, marketing, branding, and identity. I look forward to providing you and everyone you know with the finest service in ‘America’s Finest City’.

Fun facts about me:

  • I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and I’ve never been to the Statue of Liberty… But I’ve toured Buckingham Palace in London!
  • I studied textile development and patternmaking, so I can make you a pair of jeans from the fiber to finished product!
  • I’m a foodie and travel enthusiast, hence my Yelp Elite status, so ask me if you want a great recommendation for the San Diego hot spots… I’m an open book!